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xerox toner Genuine Xerox Printer Toner Ink and Supplies

Toner Gas Gauge: to provide visibility of remaining toner life.

Purchasing inexpensive aftermarket toner and ink for negligible short-term savings can ultimately be more expensive, due to frequent replacement of defective and leaky toner cartridges and lost productivity as a result of device downtime from ilures of fusers and imaging units. In comparative cartridge tests on several different printer cartridges, the Buyers Lab Institute (BLI) found that Xerox cartridges delivered superior overall page yields, image quality and reliability performance compared to the remanuctured brand. Read the full reports:Buyers Laboratory (BLI) Test Reports

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Xerox toner cartridges are intelligent and intece with your printer or MFP to provide important status information, keeping your work processes more productive.

Xerox toner cartridges are engineered in an integrated design with Xerox printers.

Higher device reliability and lower service costs with oil-less fusing.

Smaller, lighter toner cartridges and less waste.

Represent the latest in Xerox technology including Emulsion Aggregation (EA Toner) and Xerox Solid Ink

Phaser 3250Phaser 4510Phaser 6010Phaser 6500Buyers Laboratory (BLI) Test Summaries

Can be recycled throughXerox Green World Alliance website.

When you choose Xerox toners, youre choosing an advanced Xerox Supplies technology, formulated specifically for each product to provide the best image quality and reliable operation..

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Page Count: to record the number of pages printed to date to help project preventive maintenance or replacement of long-life consumables.

Xerox has been recycling waste toner material for many years in two ways:

Xerox is a pioneer in the development of advanced toner technologies and EA toner is a significant breakthrough. Unlike traditional toner, which is comprised of crushed and ground particles of irregular shape, EA toner is grown chemically into minute, uniform spheres of color, utilizing 25% less energy to manucture. The uniform shape and size of EA toner particles, with their property to aggregate result in 45% less toner consumption when compared to conventional toners.

For worry-free printing each and every time, count on the guaranteed quality, reliability, and performance of genuine Xerox supplies for your Xerox printer. Independent analysis shows that Xerox toner cartridges produce superior results, providing the best overall value and lowest total cost of ownership.

Xerox toner cartridges consistently deliver sharp and optimal print quality and reliability. Developed together with Xerox equipment, Xerox toner cartridges:

Each year, over 1 million pounds of post-consumer waste toner is returned to Xerox from selected products where it is recycled back into the manucturing process and reused.

Date of first/last use: to record when a Xerox toner cartridge was first installed and last used.

Using Xerox Genuine toner and ink in your Xerox printer will ensure that prints are delivered with consistent quality. Testing conducted by independent printer evaluation laboratories proved Xerox Genuine Supplies are more reliable and deliver up to 27% higher page yields than aftermarket alternatives.Genuine Xerox Solid Ink Quality and Reliability

During product development, the toner composition is defined in order to maximize the entire printing process including the imaging drum and fuser components. Internal color tables, halftone algorithms, and even the voltage charge applied to the drum are all optimized with the toner to render the highest possible quality output the best resolution and vibrant colors for your printing applications. Genuine Xerox Supplies always deliver the optimum device performance and reliability.

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These built-in features enhance the performance and functionality of your print device. In addition, Xerox printers and multifunction printers send a warning message when non-genuine supplies are detected, protecting a printer from possible damage.

Faster printer warm-up time and lower energy consumption.

E-mail option: to prompt supplies reordering and establish automated reminders.

Protect your investment in Xerox hardware, and

As part of the manucturing process, conventional toner that doesnt meet the size specifications is recycled back into the Xerox toner production process.

Xerox and Fuji Xerox have developed more than 50 office and production printing models that use EA toner.

Toner Low/Toner Empty flag alert: to notify you when a Xerox toner cartridge is near empty so a replacement can be ordered.

Sharper image quality and improved fine lines and text.

Non-genuine toners for Xerox products are not spherical particles but crushed particles. These are more abrasive and cause early wear on drums, belts and fusers. Premature replacement of a drum and fuser will more than offset toner savings and significantly increase total cost per page.

Average Coverage: to better understand the toner usage of your toner Genuine Xerox Printer Toner Ink and Supplies

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